JUST MYLK is a small batch artisan nut mylk producer     

we wanted to create a better alternative to the current vegan milks available. we wanted to make it sustainable, nourishing and accessible.


The Quality

All our nut milks contain a handful of carefully picked ingredients that are nourishing for your body. We strive to have all our ingredients 100% organic and as local as we can get them.





The Ingredients

filtered alkaline water
medjool dates  
raw cacao
sea salt






Our vision for the future

We envision a future zero waste business. From how we get our supplies to the end product of our bottles - we want to encourage our customers and ourselves to think critically about purchasing power. 

We want to work closely with our suppliers and vendors and build a lasting relationship of like minded and sustainability driven food community within the UK.

We want to reach our vision in providing sustainable, nourishing nut milks that are affordable and accessible to anyone.

The designs for our labels and logo were done by the lovely Megan Vejby based in San Fransisco, California

Photos of our mylks by the talented Rachel Ross based in Leeds. Follow her on instagram
here and give her some love!