FAQ - Mylk Subscription


What is a mylk subscription?

A mylk subscription is a weekly order of mylk delivered to your local collection point. We are currently running the mylk subscription for a duration of 3 weeks. The subscription cost will include 1 bottle of mylk every week for 3 weeks. If you would like to order more than 1 bottle of mylk, the cost will increase.


how can i change my mylk order?

We are open to customization, such as having different flavors of mylk each week or multiple bottles. If there is any customization you need, please let us know when filling out the sign up form.

The default is placing an order for the same bottle of mylk each week for 3 weeks.


how can i change my pick up location?

If you’d like to change your pick up location please email us and notify with a one weeks notice. We will confirm your new pick up location with you and proceed from there.


What if I miss my time slot?

Because we make our mylks fresh on the day of delivery, if you miss your slot we encourage the collection point to make use of it. Unfortunately we do not refund for missed collections. You will only be able to collect your mylk on the selected date you choose. If you know you will miss your slot in advance, please email to let us know and we can make alternative suggestions.


whats the benefit from a mylk subscription?

We want to provide fresh, healthy and organic non dairy mylks straight to our customers. By being a part of a mylk subscription you help support a local business and engage with your local community. We parter with like minded businesses and organizations as our collection points. A mylk subscription also helps us - we will know exactly how much mylk to make and reduce the risk of any waste. As a subscriber you also can provide direct feedback to our products and make them the best they can be!


how can i become a collection point?

If you are interested in becoming a collection point for our mylks please email us at hello@justmylk.com. In order to become qualified as a collection point, we will need a minimum of 5 subscribers. Get your mylk loving friends involved :)


If you have any other questions, email us at hello@justmylk.com