1. Where can I buy your milk?

We are working hard in finding retail space and cafes to sell our milks. We are currently available for purchase through our mylk subscription. For more information, click here.

2. What’s the difference between Just Mylk and commercially available nut milks?

Many of the conventional nut milks in the market place contain less than 3% nut content and
are filled with additives, emulsifiers (thickeners) and extra preservatives. Our milk contains all natural ingredients and nothing else. We don’t add any preservatives or additives. Just mylk contains a much higher nut content of 25% which creates a silky smooth consistency. 

3. Will the milk split or curdle in my coffee or tea?

Because of the high nut content our milks have, splitting or curdling of the milk in the coffee should not occur. As long as the milk is fridge cold or room temperature, it will blend smoothly in your coffee or tea. As an added treat, we enjoy frothing our milks with a hand held frother or just heat it up in the microwave for 30 sec before adding to our drink.

4. How long does it keep for?

As there are no perservatives, the best before date is 4 days from production. That being said, we make production the same day as your delivery to ensure the highest quality and longest shelf life. We also include the best before date on each bottle.


Still have questions? Email us at hello@justmylk.com